Reasons why K-pop fans are more and more bored with awards ceremonies

Music Awards Ceremonies are supposed to be attached to happiness, but that happiness is getting worse and worse because of unnecessary incidents.

Most of big music awards ceremonies of the year are coming to an end soon with lots of happiness, tears, arguments and scandals. When comparing K-pop awards ceremonies in a few years ago to current time, many K-pop fans realize that some titles don’t keep their wonderful spirit like before and instead, they are dominated by many different factors.

Reasons why K-pop fans are more and more bored with awards ceremonies

Many fans are pressured and bored whenever awards ceremonies are coming

There are many reasons that make K-pop fans feel bored instead of excited when awards ceremonies start their campaign to seek for awards owners. Many years ago, whenever a year mostly came to an end, both fans and idols expected awards ceremonies as a rewarding gift after a non-stop working year.

However, at the moment, when 3rd generation idols rule the music industry and young fandoms are formed, that wonderful feeling is unfortunately replaced by achievement races. Fans who are still students neglect their homework and spend the whole night increasing views, voting for their idols or arguing on SNS.

Reasons why K-pop fans are more and more bored with awards ceremonies

Title races between fandoms have made awards lose their meanings.

This attitude of fandoms has made the ceremony organizers to be more careful in everything they do so that they won’t hurt idols as well as their fans. Hence, the trophies’ fairness is decreased, which leads to awards arrangement and distribution.

In terms of awards distribution, this is an annual tradition of MAMA’s organizers. MAMA is a controversial award ceremony where idols attending it will surely bring home trophies.

K-pop fans already know who are in the invitation list, who will win daesang and who will be cared and favored by the event organizers. This is also the main reason that makes these ceremonies boring more and more as every year, K-pop fans can predict who will attend. There used to be some years where awards ceremonies were considered as “SM’s concert” or “live tour of YG”.

For sure, this is unexpected but it used to happen regularly. Not only daesang’s but also other sub-awards’ owners can be predicted.

Fan war is also a “head aching” issue to idols as well as ceremony organizers. K-pop fans, instead of become a united group, leave behind arguments and wars after every award ceremony.

There are many reasons why K-pop fans argue with one another after these events such as about seating, same light sticks’ color between sunbae and hoobae, group A is not worth winning that award (which is supposed to be given to group B), this group fandom insults and steal seats of other group fandom…

Most of fan wars are about daesang trophy
Most of fan wars are about daesang trophy

One of the biggest arguments was between EXO-L and ARMY when EXO-L petitioned the Blue House and shut down the Korean government’s website because they doubted MAMA’s transparency. Was this a reaction that idols expect after they won a trophy?

Arguments are not only about awards but also about idols’ dating rumors after ceremonies. Normally, awards ceremonies are where top idolgroups including both males and females in Kbiz gather. Therefore, it’s unavoidable for them to have interactions or gestures such as greetings or talking… Even when idols look at one another unintentionally, fans can assume it as “love”.

Though there are a number of reasons to offend year-end awards ceremonies, no K-pop fans can give up their habit of turning on their mobile phones or laptops to update latest news about these events. As a cycle, these “wars” keep happening over and over again.

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