Netizens criticize American media for calling “Squid Game” actor Lee Jung-jae a “breakout star” 

Criticism from netizens around the world is pouring in for the overseas media’s expression of actor Lee Jung-jae as a ‘breakout star’.

On September 8, a foreign media agency, DEADLINE, reported on Lee Jung-jae’s casting as the main character of the Star Wars series ‘Accolite’. This is Lee Jung-jae‘s first Hollywood lead role.

The media reported on Lee Jung-jae’s casting and explained, “Lee Jung-jae, the breakout star of ‘Squid Game’, has been selected as the male protagonist of the Star Wars series ‘Acolyte’”  Similar information was also mentioned in the article.

The term ‘breakout star’ used at this time was the main problem. It implies that Lee Jung-jae rose to stardom only with ‘Squid Game‘, which is not true.

Lee Jung-jae made his debut in SBS-TV’s ‘Dinosaur Teacher’ in 1993 and has been active in numerous Korean movies and dramas. He is also a veteran actor in Korea. It was pointed out that the media ignored Lee Jung-jae’s past career.

In 2021, at an American promotion event for ‘Squid Game’ held in Los Angeles, a foreign media outlet told Lee Jung-jae, “People recognize you so much that it must be difficult to leave the house now. What has changed since “Squid Game?”

Lee Jung-jae responded, “I think the biggest change is that there are many people who recognize me in the US.” However, there were criticisms online that it was inappropriate to ask such a question to a top actor in Korea and Asia.

Korean netizens also expressed their displeasure with DEADLINE’s description of Lee Jung-jae. Twitter users left comments, “Prior research on Lee Jung-jae is insufficient and shows a lack of respect,” “Lee Jung-jae is not a breakout star,” “It’s rude to ask such a question to someone with a steady career,” “The world is not centered on the US.” 

Source: dispatch

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