CL (2NE1) releases an MV in collaboration with “Baby Shark” Pinkfong

CL collaborated with YouTube channel Pinkfong to release a new song called “The Seaweed Sway”.

On June 28, Korean company The Pinkfong uploaded a music MV titled “The Seaweed Sway” featuring CL – the former leader of 2NE1. Previously, this song was also performed by Cardi B in the series for preschoolers called Baby Shark’s Big Show.

This MV has made the fans extremely excited when being able to see a completely different image of CL. Normally, CL is considered a multi-talented leader with a unique style, but in The Seaweed Sway, the female idol brings a cheerful and colorful look.

baby shark CL

Previously, in May, the team of the world’s most viewed song “Baby Shark” also announced that CL would join the company as an animated voice actor. This will also be the singer’s first attempt at this role. She will join the preschool children’s show Baby Shark’s Big Show and appear as the character Sharki L.

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