Classmate in Shim Eun Woo’s school violence incident comes forward to explain the real situation in the past

The person involved in the incident that sparked Shim Eun Woo’s school violence controversy has spoken up.

A, a middle school classmate of actress Shim Eun Woo, recently made a revelation on an online community, saying “Shim Eun Woo is Park So Ri? We were in the same class in the first year of middle school. The reason I’m leaving this comment after 2 years is that I didn’t watch ‘The World of the Married’. I didn’t know she became a celebrity after changing her name to Shim Eun Woo. I was shocked to see the incident. I am the person involved in this incident.”

A continued, “At first, the victim (who posted the revelation) and I were close to each other. However, there was a misunderstanding between us and we argued. Park So Ri and other students took my side when they saw us arguing. It was the only fight in our class.”

Shim Eun-woo

A added, “Anyway, I think other students may have been hurt and scared at such a young age when getting involved in our fight. However, I think it is important to reveal the whole story of the incident, so I’m writing this post now”.

In addition, A emphasized, “My heart is beating fast right now and I can’t even sleep. This issue was raised two years ago, but I only see it now. I’m feeling so upset and uncomfortable”. They also added, “My father is a soldier, so I studied at that middle school only in the first year then transferred to Seoul. I have no intention of defending anyone. I’m just saying that this is what happened in our first year of middle school”.

In March 2021, a netizen posted on online communities claiming that they used to be bullied by Shim Eun Woo,= and sparking a school violence controversy.

Recently on March 24th, Shim Eun Woo confessed, “My apology was recognized as a confirmation of school violence. After watching a musical performance in my second year of middle school, I focused on practicing singing every day after school to pursue my dream, so there was no reason for me to persistently bully one person.”

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She continued, “However, I do not want to deny everything. I would like to apologize if I really presented in that friend’s memory of a difficult time even once, and that’s still what I mean”. She emphasized, “My entire school life is now misunderstood as being a perpetrator of school violence. It is even more upsetting and frustrating that I’ve been called the ‘second Park Yeon Jin’, a character in ‘The Glory’ who brutally commits school violence. All the time I spent working hard for my dream of being an actress has been denied by just one anonymous article. Many people are asking me to reflect on myself. I’m being attacked by countless people whose faces I don’t know without being given a chance to perform my acting.”

After reading the revelation of A, who was involved in the case that caused Shim Eun Woo to be called a school violence perpetrator, many netizens are showing support for the actress, saying “This is so unfair”, “Is this a witch hunt?”, etc. Attention is focused on whether Shim Eun Woo will be able to return as an actress after removing the “second Park Yeon Jin” label.

Source: Nate

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