Ahyeon Rumored to be Spotted at Cube Ent After Sitting Out of BABYMONSTER’s Debut 

A rumor is swirling around the supposed appearance of Ahyeon at Cube Entertainment

Fans and netizens remain skeptical about this rumor, especially since Cube Entertainment has yet to unveil any plans for a new girl group, focusing only on the upcoming debut of a boy group.


Ahyeon was the most anticipated member among the seven members of BABYMONSTER. She was already famous among fans for resembling BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Yang Hyun-suk praised Ahyeon as the “confident center, well-rounded trainee, a member with all the qualities.”

Ahyeon not making her debut with BABYMONSTER was explained by health reasons. Regarding this, YG stated, “We will spare no effort to support Ahyeon’s full recovery and return in good health.”

Ahyeon was spotted at YG building not long ago

Netizens left comments on the rumor of Ahyeon being spotted a Cube:

  • It would be quite amusing if she actually ended up there.
  • Why Cube? Aren’t they gearing up for a boy group debut?
  • She could have debuted quickly with YG, but she opted for a place where her debut timing is uncertain? I find it hard to believe she chose Cube of all places.
  • Cube struggles to handle Lightsum properly
  • Cube…?? Do they even have plans for another girl group?

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