K-netizens Criticized HYBE Groups After LE SSERAFIM’s Controversial Encore Stage

The live singing skills of HYBE artists have become controversial after LE SSERAFIM’s encore stage.

On March 3, a post was made on the popular Korean online community theqoo with the title “Compilation of HYBE’s 4th, 5th generation boy groups’ encore stages.”

le sserafim encore

The post includes 4 videos of HYBE’s boy groups performing live after receiving trophies at music programs. These videos are TXT’s encore stage for Sugar Rush Ride’s first win on M Countdown, ENHYPEN’s encore stage for Bite Me’s first win on M Countdown, BOYNEXTDOOR’s encore stage for But Sometimes’ win on Show Champion and TWS’s encore stage for plot twist’s win on Music Bank. These videos all have one thing in common, the groups’ lacking live singing, with the exception of TWS.

Notably, this post was made after another HYBE group, LE SSERAFIM, was wrapped around controversies over their bad live singing during the encore stage for the first win of their recent comeback song “Easy.”

In the comment section, many netizens have expressed criticism for HYBE’s lack of vocal training. The top comments include,

”HYBE artists’ dance performance is my favorite. There are so many members who are good at dancing. Their performance is the best. But I think their vocal is disappointing… Boy and girl groups… But the later debuting ones are getting better.”

“I’m really disappointed with TXT’s live performance. The rest of the three teams are pretty good..”

“Putting all of them together like this makes me realize Dohun of TWS is the future. He’s good at everything. LOL I think his character is the best”

“Only TWS survived”

“So fortunate, TWS would have been criticized if they couldn’t sing live with that song”

Source: theqoo

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