Jeon Do Yeon chose “Kill Boksoon” without even reading the script?

Actress Jeon Do Yeon revealed the reason she decided to star in Netflix film “Kill Boksoon”.

On the morning of March 21st, the press conference for Netflix’s new movie “Kill Boksoon” was held at the Grand InterContinental Parnas in Samsung-dong, Seoul. Actors Jeon Do Yeon, Seol Kyung Gu, Kim Si A, ESom, Koo Kyo Hwan, and director Byun Sung Hyun attended the event.

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“Kill Boksoon” depicts the story of legendary assassin Gil Bok Soon, who is caught in an unavoidable confrontation of either being killed or killing others just before renewing her contract with her company. 

At the press conference, Jeon Do Yeon shared, “I was very happy when receiving the casting offer. I had never chosen a work without reading the script. This time, I was so happy that I hesitated only a little before choosing it right away.”

She continued, “I was very surprised because there were more action scenes than I expected. ‘Can I do it well?’, that scary thought suddenly came to my mind.”

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The actress smiled brightly and added, “I will continue to perform many action scenes in the future.”

Director Byun Sung Hyun, who is loved by the public for his stylish directing, unique character narratives, and solid storytelling in his previous works, has returned with “Kill Boksoon”, which contains fierce and interesting stories about the contract killing industry.

“Kill Boksoon” is arousing keen interest as it stars representative actors of the Korean film industry, Jeon Do Yeon and Seol Kyung Gu, as well as Kim Si A, ESom, and Koo Kyo Hwan, who have extraordinary energetic and distinctive acting.

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Featuring an interestingly complex genre combining the actors’ synergy, action, suspense, and humor codes, “Kill Boksoon” was officially invited to the Berlinale Special section at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival, attracting keen attention from viewers around the world even before its official release.

Gil Bok Soon (Jeon Do Yeon) is the best killer with a 100% success rate and a single mother raising a teenage daughter. Using only one magic pen that is not even a proper weapon, the killer portrayed by Jeon Do Yeon is able to subdue her opponents and confronts enemies, who wield axes and knives towards her. The two appearances of Gil Bok Soon as a killer and as a mother, who goes shopping with her daughter at a mart, show an extreme contrast that makes it hard to believe they are from the same person.

“Kill Boksoon” will premiere on Netflix on March 31st.

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