K-netizens React To Criticism Over LE SSERAFIM’s Recent Encore Stage

The girl group LE SSERAFIM faced criticism over their live singing skills on the recent music show encore stage

A netizen on Nate Pann made a post titled, “Have you guys watched LE SSERAFIM’s encore stage?”, drawing attention.

They added, “They’re like a group who cannot do as they talk. They messed up with the pitches completely and I couldn’t understand anything from their pronunciation. I don’t understand why people are praising them as a talented group”.

Original post: Nate Pann

In response, other netizens commented:

– What’s wrong with those who keep bashing Kim Chae-won and Huh Yun-jin? To be honest, they’re not that bad

– Is that enough to get bashed? Except for Sakura’s unstable pitch, Kim Chae-won and Huh Yun-jin did well. The rest just did enough to complete the performance… Fans never hyped LE SSERAFIM’s singing skills. Why do people keep criticizing them for this reason?

– But they showed a good live performance when appearing on “Lee Hyo-ri’s Red Carpet”. I’m sure Kim Chae-won and Huh Yun-jin can sing well. You guys are just bashing everyone 

– But when people praised them as skillful idols, they were referring to the group’s performances, not their singing skills. Why do you guys keep focusing on that?

– Except for only a few groups, all 4th-generation idol groups are just like that, so why are you bashing this group?

– They couldn’t sing live excellently but not to the point of getting criticized

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