Viewers point out the scene that gives all the hints for the games in Squid Game, “They are already drawn on the wall”

Did you notice a special clue that can be considered a “plot hole” in Squid Game?

A short time after its release, the Korean series Squid Game has quickly received a huge amount of attention from the viewers with mixed reactions. However, the series has achieved undeniable success by topping Netflix’s trending in 14 countries around the world.

The survival theme of Squid Game seems new and exciting to most viewers, who have never or rarely watched films or series of this genre from Japan, America or some other countries where this genre was popularized. The rules of the game are simple: If you win the game, you get to live and receive a big reward, but if you lose, you die immediately.


The challenges in Squid Game are the common children’s games in Korea and some Asian countries.  It may sound simple, but to win is not easy, especially when players have to pick their own teams, or choose the necessary items randomly before officially knowing what game they will play.


Because of this, many players find ways to cheat to know what the next game is, thereby coming up with the perfect way to overcome the game. They have to risk their lives to get the information, without knowing that the hints are displayed right in front of their eyes.

Specifically, 456 players are locked in a large room to live and rest before entering the game. If you pay close attention, you will see that the room’s walls are painted with drawings of children’s games.

The drawings on the wall are revealed right from the middle of the series

Notably, not only do they already show what the games are, but the order of the games that players must participate in are also visible. At the beginning, these drawings are hidden behind many bunk beds, but they quickly become more exposed over time as the number of players decline.

Overtime, the drawings become more visible, but they players don’t notice

However, for days, none of the characters notice the drawings. This can be considered a “plot hole” in the Korean hit survival drama.

If it was a character in a different survival film, they would likely be smarter than this

Although the players work in many different fields and have countless free time locked within these 4 walls, no one realizes and questions the drawings surrounding them. If this were a survival film produced in Japan, China or Hollywood, at least one character would notice this important clue instead of playing the games and leaving it to fate like that. 

Even smart players don’t notice these drawings.

Perhaps some viewers think that this flawed detail is also the director’s intention when focusing on the characters’ confusion, fear, and mutual suspicion.  Once they are in that state, people’s reactions will stagnate. That’s why the players lose their judgment and foresight, so they are not in the mood to notice or analyze the meaning of the drawings.


However, this still makes viewers feel uncomfortable due to the feeling of being “tricked by the writer”. The suggestion is too obvious and it is absurd that more than 200 people don’t notice it (except 200 players who die after the first game), especially when it is clear that among various players, there are many who are highly educated or have many life experiences.


In the end, Squid Game is more of an emotional and contemplative drama rather than a nerve-racking survival work. The series lives up to the expectations of many viewers but still disappoints fans of the survival genre.

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