Kang Daniel shares deep kiss with Chae Soo-bin in new episode of “Rookie Cops”

In “Rookie Cops,” Wi Seung-hyun (Kang Daniel) and Go Eun-gang (Chae Soo-bin) shared their sweet first kiss and confirmed their feelings for each other.

In the 7th and 8th episodes of the Disney+ drama “Rookie Cops,” which was released on February 16th, the main character were preparing for the Cheongram Sports Festival.

Wi Seung-hyun and Go Eun-gang, who have developed their feelings to be more than friends with each other, became closer as they prepared for the Cheongram Sports Festival together.

Rookie Cops
Disney+ “Rookie Cops”

At this time, Jang Joo-chan (Park Yeon-woo), a senior whom Ko Eun-gang had a crush on, broke up with his girlfriend.

However, Ko Eun-gang‘s feeling was already directed to Wi Seung-hyun.

Disney+ drama "Rookie Cops”
Disney+ drama “Rookie Cops”

Ko Eun-gang decided to confess on the day of the Cheongram Sports Festival. When they were in a public phone box together, she confessed, “I think I like you.”

Wi Seung-hyun responded with a hot kiss to Ko Eun-gang‘s shy confession.

Disney+ "Rookie Cops”
Disney+ “Rookie Cops”

As if celebrating the start of the romance between the two, colorful fireworks also shot to the sky, and Wi Seung-hyun approached Ko Eun-gang more actively.

Ko Eun-gang accepted Wi Seung-hyun‘s kiss with an ecstatic look.

Viewers were excited to see the two change from friends to lovers while sharing thrilling kisses.

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