Shin Ye Eun, “if you are not going to marry your lover, isn’t it a relationship that will end?”

Actress Shin Ye Eun, who recently starred in “The Glory”, showed a cold attitude towards dating without the premise of marriage.

On March 21st, Shin Ye Eun participated in a balance game in an interview video released by a magazine and received a bold question from the start.

In particular, when asked to choose between “exposing private life” and “exposing oneself for a living”, she asked, “To what extent is the exposure?”, and eventually chose the former after being told that the exposure level is about underwear. Then, when asked to choose between “going on stage without hair styling” and “going on stage without makeup”, she said, “Going on stage without makeup. The difference in hair is significant. I think there will be a lot of atmosphere that can be created with hair, even though the difference in makeup is also significant”.


The actress also chose to appear on “Show Me the Money” over “Street Woman Fighter“, saying, “I can rap a bit, and I think ‘Show Me the Money’ is a good opportunity for pronunciation practice.

Between “fighting with best friend” and “fighting with lover”, Shin Ye Eun said, “I hate fighting with my best friend more. If you’re not going to marry your lover, isn’t it a relationship that will eventually end? I’m sorry for being too cold-hearted”.

The actress then chose “indifference” over being constantly praised, explaining that she is the type who feels a bit burdened when praised and receiving all the attention. She also selected “earning 5 million won per month as an office worker” over “earning 2 million won per month as a freeloader”, saying, “I gain strength in life by moving my body and working”.


Moreover, Shin Ye Eun hesitated between “an enemy from a 10-billion-won family” and “an ideal type with 10 billion won in debt” and said, “I would date the ideal type with 10 billion won in debt. I don’t have to pay off that 10 billion, do I? If we have to pay it off together, I still want to meet my ideal type”.

Afterwards, instead of “becoming 20 years younger whenever you want”, Shin Ye Eun selected “receiving 1 billion won now”. 

Please give me 1 billion won now. I will manage with the 1 billion won and have a suitable appearance for that age”, the actress explained

Finally, between “the opportunity to do what you want most” and “the opportunity to avoid the most painful thing”, Shin Ye Eun said, “I would choose the opportunity to avoid the most painful thing. I think hardships will follow even when doing what you want. Even when doing what you like, complaints and dissatisfaction arise, but wouldn’t it be nice to avoid pain?”

Source: Nate

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