This celebrity is recognized as “a genius” by his fellow celebrities but is called “a dummy” by his son

Lee Yong Jin from “Turkidz on the Block” on YouTube is called a “genius” by Hwang Jung-min, but his son…

Comedian Lee Yong Jin is well known for his Turkish ice cream man’s character who plays with his customers’ anxieties by playing with their ice cream and making buzzwords such as “Silly, you have to catch it, but you can’t catch it.”

Lee Yong-jin

Currently, he is the MC of the web entertainment show “Turkids on the Block (hereinafter referred to as “Turkids”), where he uses the Turkish ice cream man character and talks with various stars every week.

Lee Yong-jin

These days, the show is so popular that even stars who don’t appear on entertainment shows visit “Turkids.” In September, actors Hwang Jung Min and Ha Jung Woo visited the program to promote their series “Narco-Saints.

Lee Yong-jin

In particular, before the show, Hwang Jung Min shared how excited he was about meeting Lee Yong Jin to Ha Jung Woo, saying, “I think he’s a genius,” and showed the aspect of a real fan by imitating Lee Yong Jin’s buzzword throughout the talk show.

Lee Yong-jin

Before them, Lee Yong Jin burst into laughter as actors Chun Woo Hee, Lee Dong Wook, and Lee Je Hoon claimed they wanted to appear as well.

He is making his colleagues and subscribers laugh a lot, but he is said to have been embarrassed by his character.

His four-year-old son drew a beard after him and said, “My dad’s a dummy” to his teacher at the daycare center.

On Oct 28th, Lee Yong Jin revealed his son’s cute appearance in a “Turkids” costume specially produced by the production team for his son’s daycare center event, giving everyone another laugh.

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