Netizens Express Disappointment About Seungri’s Cheating Scandal, “Why Women Still Date A Guy Like Him?

Even after being released from prison, former Big Bang member Seungri continues to cause scandals

Dispatch recently exposed Seungri for cheating. He reportedly planned to date 2 women, A and B, during his trip to Bali, Indonesia. Since A and B are friends on Instagram, they immediately noticed the similarities in their trips. Getting caught cheating, Seungri made a “sincere apology” to B but still went clubbing the next day.

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Dispatch’s disclosure aroused keen attention from the public right after it was published. In fact, people are not surprised by controversies surrounding Seungri, whose past was scandalous enough to put him in prison. However, netizens cannot understand why there are still women who want to date someone like Seungri.


In response to Seungri’s cheating scandal, Korean netizens commented, “Why did they agree to date a guy like him? He even went to jail”, “I’m not surprised about Seungri’s two-timing but I cannot believe that there are still women who want to date him”, “Girls, what are you waiting from him?”, “To be honest, two-timing is just a minor mistake compared to Seungri’s criminal records”, “I’m not longer feel disappointed about Seungri. I only wonder if the women dating him know crimes he committed?”, “You really think a sex offender would love only you? Everyone knows his crimes”, “He worked very hard in dating. Seems like 24 hours a day is not enough for him”, etc.


Chinese netizens also expressed disappointment about Seungri’s controversy. They said, “Because it’s Seungri, the two-timing issue is just normal”, “A few days ago, Seungri’s fans were still asking us to stop paying attention to him because he’s no longer active in the entertainment industry. This two-timing scandal is not comparable to his crimes in the past”, “I thought he had been dating someone for a long time. The girl who sent him off when he enlisted”, etc.


Seungri was released from prison in February after completing his imprisonment of 1.5 years and a fine of 1.15 billion won for 9 charges, including sexual crimes and embezzlement. After getting out of prison, Seungri was often spotted traveling overseas and clubbing. Due to his attitude of not reflecting on himself, Seungri continued to face criticism from netizens and his cheating scandal made the public even more angry.

Source: K14

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