Kwon Eunbi’s Agency: No Tolerance for Sexual Harassment and Privacy Invasion, Will Respond Appropriately

Kwon Eunbi’s side has revealed their legal response plan regarding sexual harassment, invasion of privacy, and defamation posts.

On August 29th, Kwon Eunbi’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, stated, “Recently, we have identified numerous malicious posts, including sexual harassment, defamation, spreading false information, and invasion of privacy, related to Kwon Eunbi, on various online communities, social media, YouTube, etc.”

kwon eun bi

They continued, “We were aware of inappropriate expressions in those posts and have collected relevant materials and substantial evidence through monitoring. We have determined that we cannot ignore or tolerate the severity of the situation any longer, so we are making our stance clear.”

They further stated, “We will actively collect evidence and monitor malicious posts to protect our artist to the best of our abilities. In the future, if malicious posts are discovered, we will respond without leniency.”

They urged, “Therefore, if fans come across malicious posts or clear criminal acts related to our artist, please report them to the official email account.”

They concluded by saying, “We will do our best to protect our artist’s personal rights, and we ask fans to shower Kwon Eunbi with much love and support.”

Kwon Eunbi has been captivating the public with her sexy and charming performances at the Waterbomb festival, earning the nickname ‘Waterbomb Goddess.’

Source: daum

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