Park Bo Gum’s heartwarming volunteer work as revealed by Sean 

Singer Sean shared photos of Park Bo Gum volunteering in the cold winter. 

Park Bo-gum

On January 18th, Sean posted pictures of Park Bo Gum volunteering on his channel. Along with the photos, Sean said, “Sean X Yoon Se Ah X Park Bo Gum, we volunteered to do a briquette service. Yoon Se Ah carried 10 briquettes and went up and down the hill without rest. Bo Gum is used to this now, so he easily carried up to 15 briquettes at a time. Together, we raised the temperature of Korea by 1 degree.”

Park Bo-gum
Park Bo-gum

In the photos, Park Bo Gum is climbing a hill with briquettes on his back. Park Bo Gum shows good influence by volunteering to carry briquettes to keep people warm in the cold winter.

Meanwhile, Sean and actress Jung Hye Young got married in 2004 and have four children: No Ha Eum, No Ha Rang, No Ha Yul, and No Ha El.

Source: Nate. 

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