Hyeri complains about airline’s attitude, “I made reservation in advance but got downgraded to Economy Class”

Former Girl’s Day member & actress Lee Hye Ri expressed her frustration towards the attitude of an airline.

On August 31st, Hyeri made a post on her SNS account, saying, “I made my reservation one and a half months ago and even selected a seat in advance, but they downgraded me to Economy Class, saying there were no First Class seats available”.

She complained about the airline’s attitude, saying, “The airline told me to take the next flight if I didn’t like the seat and did not even give me a refund. Haha. I booked two seats, how could both be downgraded?”


Hyeri continued, “I wanted to say many things but couldn’t express them properly. At that moment, I thought I should have studied English harder”, adding “What an absurd experience. You should be careful, everyone”.

Based on Hyeri’s mention of studying English, it is speculated that she received a bad response from a foreign airline.

Meanwhile, Hyeri is preparing to make a comeback on the big screen with the movie “Victory”.

Source: Daum

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