Lee Jung Jae’s character Gi Hun is speculated to undergo a change in season 2 of “Squid Game” 

Hwang In Ho, played by Lee Byung Hun, will potentially gain a central role in the plot of season 2. 

On February 13th, U.S. entertainment media Screenrant wrote that Hwang In Ho (played by Lee Byung Hun), the mystery frontman of “Squid Game,” may be a key element that strings together the dark theme of season 2.

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Earlier, the series director Hwang Dong Hyuk said in an interview that he would like to deal in detail with the Hwang In Ho’s background, a former police officer, in season 2 of “Squid Game.”

“I think the issue with police officers is not just an issue in Korea. This was an issue that I wanted to raise. Maybe in season two, I can talk about this more,” said the director. 

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Since it is a running theme in “Squid Game” to focus on the corruption of society and the imbalanced power relationship between the strong and the weak, season 2 is expected to deal explicitly with how Hwang In Ho came to be on the strong side.

It was also predicted that Hwang In Ho’s security guards might have come from the police force or similar backgrounds, based off the facts that they were well-trained in weapon use and desensitized to violence. They speculated that Gi Hun would become a security guard. 

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According Screenrant, a popular fan theory after season 1 was that Gi Hun’s position in the game would have fundamentally changed if he had chosen a tile of different color. Nonetheless, as Hwang Dong Hyuk discussed the theory wih Forbes, the color could not have altered Gi Hun’s position in the game and it was a reference to an old folktale. 

Previously on “Squid Game,” Gi Hun won the game and became a wealthy and powerful elite. However, he was reluctant to use the wealth that fell from the sky, knowing that it was stained with the blood of the dead participants. Viewers are looking forward to how the story will unfold in season 2. 

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