“Twenty-five, Twenty-one” Nam Joo-hyuk said to Kim Tae-ri, “Congratulations on your marriage”… Is this the signal of a breakup?

“Twenty-five, Twenty one” Nam Joo-hyuk congratulated Kim Tae-ri on her marriage.

The new episode of tvN’s “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”, which aired on March 27th, showed Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) and Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) having a conflict over Yu-rim (Bona)’s naturalization

In the situation when Ko Yu-rim has to pay a large amount of settlement fee because her father caused a car accident, she decided to change her nationality to Russian. 

Upon hearing the news, Hee-do dissuaded Yu-rim, saying that she could go to the business team and ask for money. However, Yu-rim turned down the idea, saying, “That’s not a good thing to take income. I have never seen my mom and dad have such a big fight like that in my whole life. There’s nothing harder for me than that”.

Hee-do continued to persuade Yu-rim, “There’s no other way? Everyone will curse at you if you change your nationality. I know because I used to be cursed a lot”. Despite Hee-do’s persuasion, Yu-rim stubbornly said, “I don’t care what people say. Fencing is a way to me. A way to protect my family”. 

Regarding Yu-rim‘s decision, the family also stopped her, saying, “How can you hurt your parents’ hearts?” but Yu-rim said, “I have it. A way to protect my family. If I become naturalized, I can solve it at once. I can clear all my debts, settlement money, repair costs, all at once. There’s no reason why I won’t do it.”

Furthermore, “Mom and Dad have lived all their lives for me. It’s my turn to sacrifice for them. Naturalization? I can do it a hundred times. With a thankful heart. I’ll put an end to this misfortune.”

Meanwhile, Yi-jin delivered the news of Yu-rim’s naturalization and explained that there was an economic reason behind it.

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Surprised by this, Hee-do poured out her anger, saying, “At least, couldn’t you not do that to Yu-rim?” “Then what should I have done? Should I have covered what I was going to report right away because it was Yurim? Because I am close to Yu-rim?”

“You shouldn’t have been the first to make a report!” Hee-do said, to which Yi-jin responded,  “Then I should have been the second. Is that better? Can you keep dating me? You never know. Because I might make use of your tragedy.”

As Hee-do predicted, Yu-rim was criticized by the public as a traitor who chose to naturalize in another country in pursuit of money. On this day, Heedo saved Yurim, who was trapped in the gym by the reporters, and even took sticker photos to commemorate her friendship with Yu-rim.

Only then did Yu-rim say, “I actually don’t want to go. I want to stay in Korea forever. I want to play as a Korean athlete. I want to continue to compete for the national team with you.” Hee-do then gave a big hug to Yu-rim.

Hee-do then went to the airport with Seung-wan to see Yu-rim off. Ji-woong (Choi Hyun-wook), who heard the news belatedly, confessed his feelings to Yu-rim, saying, “I’ll be waiting for you, I’ll go there to see you, and I won’t date other girls. So don’t date any other boy. Don’t even make eye contact with them.” Yu-rim then responded to him, and the two naturally kissed.

At the end of the episode, Hee-do and Yi-jin can be seen walking their own path as a fencing athlete and a reporter respectively, and Yi-jin‘s congratulations on Hee-do‘s marriage were also depicted, signaling a stir among viewers.

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