Past photos of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ dancers grab netizens’ attention

“Street Woman Fighter” is currently a viral TV show. The dance crew members also become the focus of attention.  

As the first dance survival show produced by Mnet, Street Woman Fighter has received a huge amount of attention from the public. Notably, the contestants, members of the dance crews competing in the show have also attracted many fans. In particular, their top dancing skills and stage presence are considered to make them as outstanding as famous Kpop idols. The visuals of many dancers also manage to capture the hearts of many viewers.

Lee Jung is a prominent contestant of Street Woman Fighter. Previously, she was known as the dance trainer of BLACKPINK’s Rosé, TWICE’s NayeonMomo and Somi… Although Lee Jung currently has a cool fashion style, in her old photos, she looks absolutely cute with a totally different style. In a picture, the leader of YGX is seen with her signature bright smile, wearing large round glasses and a beret. 

Street Woman Fighter
It is difficult to recognize Lee Jung in this photo 

Although the WayB crew was soon eliminated, Noze’s popularity has not declined. Not only is she good at dancing, Noze also has a captivating appearance. Some fans even express regret because it’s such a waste that Noze didn’t choose to become an idol with such an outstanding visual. Taking a look at Noze’s old photos, fans can’t help but admire her beauty.

Street Woman Fighter
Netizens think that Noze in her school days was already pretty 

Another formidable contestant of Street Woman Fighter is Hanee Jeong aka HoneyJ. She is a famous dancer with a large fan base in Korea. An old photo of Honey J taking a mirror selfie was shared by netizens recently. In which, the female dancer’s innocent look with thick bangs back when she was only a teenager caught the attention. 

street woman fighter honey j
Honey J has become much sexier than before. 

Netizens also found a series of close photos of her and dancer Rihey. The two used to be in the same dance group for nearly 7 years. Currently, they are leaders of 2 dance crews, CocaNButter and Holybang. The viewers certainly cannot forget the iconic dance battle of this duo in the show.

Street Woman Fighter
Honey J’s old post to wish Rihey a happy birthday was found by netizens 

Emma Song of WANT team garnered attention before joining Street Woman Fighter as her personal fancam received over 500,000 views. She was a backup dancer on HyunA and Dawn‘s PING PONG stage at the time. The dancer has a cool appearance and is extremely energetic. As a result, Emma’s every dancing move is always captivating.

Street Woman Fighter
Emma’s appearance and stage skills make the audience admire.

PROWDMON is a well-known dancing team in the dance world. Monika and LipJ are two of the most well-known members. While Lip J amazes netizens with her expertise in many battles, Monika is a contestant who continuously made headlines because of her very high fashion look.

street woman fighter lip j
Netizens think that the female dancer has an impressive face.
Street Woman Fighter
At any time, Monika is always attractive.

Dressed tomboyishly yet nevertheless seductively, Aiki of HOOK is one of the show’s prominent competition. She is the current leader of the Hook team and is well-liked by the audience. The female dancer is also an experienced “fighter”. Aiki got her hair cut short as a youngster, but she styled it in an odd way. When compared to her present look, this moment causes the crowd to burst out laughing.

street woman fighter aiki

LaChica is also a notable dance group when participating in the show. Gabee, in particular, is admired for her attractive appearance and outstanding fashion sense. When the audience saw her earlier images, though, they were taken aback. The female dancer was still wearing pink lipstick at the time.

street woman fighter gabee
An old image of Gabee 

Not only are these dancers talented in dancing, but they also have excellent charisma and attractive looks. Many netizens can’t stop imagining what it would be like if these dancers became K-pop idols.

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