How did teenagers react when watching Lee Hyori’s past videos?

How did teenagers react to Lee Hyo-ri’s past heyday?

Recently, on the YouTube channel ‘Heyday’, a video titled ‘[Street Interview] Teens React to Lee Hyo-lee For The First Time’ was uploaded.

In the video, the channel’s production team confirmed the reaction by showing the stage video of Lee Hyo-ri, who swept the music industry in Leeds in the past, to teenagers passing by the streets.

Teenagers unexpectedly expressed intimacy with Lee Hyo-ri’s past appearance, saying, “I’ve heard of this from somewhere before,” and “I know this.”

However, when asked, “Lee Hyo-ri was originally a Fin.K.L member,” teenagers were divided into “I knew” and “I didn’t know.”

Teenagers who watched videos from the past of Fin.K.L said “It’s different from now”, “She looks like an angel”, “It’s like a musical”

The teenagers who watched Lee Hyo-ri’s heyday song “10 Minutes” then said, “It’s sexy,” “It feels like American high-teen,” “I want to dedicate my life,” and “I knew it, but I saw the stage for the first time.” It’s very intense,” etc

Teenagers who watched all the stages said, “I’m surprised that she’s doing a lot of entertainment shows these days” and “E?”

Source: wikitree

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