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NCT Doyoung, “What money can’t buy is one’s heart… Reselling tickets at higher prices is an unacceptable act”

NCT member Doyoung talked about the thing that cannot be bought with money.

NCT Doyoung amazed everyone with his meaningful words on SBS’s entertainment program “Master in the House 2”.

NCT Doyoung

On the recent broadcast, professor Jung Jae Sung, a neuroscientist, appeared as the master and gave a lecture on the topic of “Money and Power”. While discussing the question “Time can or cannot be bought with money?”, Doyoung said, “I think the only thing in this world that we cannot buy with money is one’s heart”.

NCT Doyoung

He confessed, “Considering fans’ hearts as a performer, I think there are things about performing on stage that cannot be converted into money. I hope that the passion I pour into preparing a performance as well as the anticipation and time spent by fans who buy tickets and wait to see me perform will be fully protected and cherished as a time when we can share the same feelings.”

Doyoung added, “Some people who are able to buy tickets thanks to their good ticketing skills despite not being fans sell tickets to true fans at twice the original prices. I think this is an unacceptable act and I don’t like it at all”.

Source: Daum

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