“My Dearest” Wraps Up 11-Month Journey with Final Episode on November 19th

Namgoong Min and Ahh Eun-jin’s ‘My Dearest’ will end with its final episode on November 19th

According to Star News on November 17th, MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘My Dearest‘ will release its final episode at Yeouido MBC headquarters in Seoul on November 19th. At this event, the ‘My Dearest’ team will be taking time to acknowledge the efforts made during this period. All the cast and staff who have worked together on the drama are expected to attend.

my dearest

‘My Dearest,’ which began filming in the winter of last year, is rushing to finish with the goal of ending filming on November 17th. If the shooting is delayed, there is a possibility of completing it on November 18th, crossing midnight. 

After completing the filming, the drama will conclude with its final episode on November 19th, marking the end of all schedules. Thus, it puts an end to the 11-month epic journey.

‘My Dearest’ is a historical melodrama about lovers entangled in chaos. It premiered on August 4th, with episodes divided into Parts 1 and 2, each consisting of 10 episodes. The episode aired on September 2nd recorded a high viewer rating of 12.2%. The drama, led by Namgoong Min and Ahn Eun-jin, has gained significant popularity.

Source: naver

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