Rising Star Roh Yoon-seo Captivates Netizens with a Remarkable Career

Actress Roh Yoon-seo’s career has caught the attention of netizens.

On the 13th, an online community posted an article titled “A Rising Star with a Brilliant Career in Just One Year of Debut.” The article mentioned the works and awards of actress Roh Yoon-seo, who debuted last year in the tvN drama ‘Our Blues.’

Roh Yoon-seo

Roh Yoon-seo made her debut in the 2020 drama ‘Our Blues,’ written by No Hee-kyung, playing the role of Bang-yeongju, a high school student who ranks first in her class but becomes pregnant out of wedlock.

After the drama ‘Our Blues,’ Roh Yoon-seo played the role of Kim Yeon-doo, the best friend of Bora (Kim Yoo-jung), in the 2022 Netflix film ‘Twenty Century Girl.’ The film ranked second on Netflix’s global film rankings.

Roh Yoon-seo

In her third appearance, in the tvN drama ‘Crash Course in Romance,’ Roh Yoon-seo played the role of Nam Hae-i, the niece of Nam Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon), who maintains top grades despite difficult family circumstances, and the drama recorded the highest viewership rating of 17%. Roh Yoon-seo won the Best New Actress award in the TV category at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards and the New Female Actress award at the 2023 Brand Loyalty Awards.

Roh Yoon-seo

Roh Yoon-seo made a special appearance in Netflix’s ‘Black Knight.’ Roh Yoon-seo made a special appearance in Netflix’s ‘Black Knight.’ In Netflix’s ‘Black Knight,’ released on the 12th of last month, she made a special appearance as Jung Seul-ah, the younger sister of army intelligence officer Jung Seol-a (Lee Som). Jung Seul-ah is a character who takes care of Sawol (Kang Yoo-seok), a refugee since childhood, and is killed by hunters who infiltrate her house while disguised as a delivery driver.

Roh Yoon-seo
Roh Yoon-seo

Roh Yoon-seo has been cast alongside actor Hong Kyung in the Korean remake of the Taiwanese film ‘Secret.’ ‘Secret’ is a romance film that tells the story of a boy who falls in love at first sight with a girl who speaks with her hands, which was originally released in Taiwan in 2009.

Fans of Roh Yoon-seo expressed their anticipation for her upcoming works, saying, “I’m looking forward to the ‘Secret’ remake,” “She’s a rising star at my university,” “The visuals and videos are charming and good,” “She has a face that people love these days.”

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