What do you know about the girl group 6MIX, the first version of TWICE?

Maybe many Kpop fans don’t know, JYP Entertainment prepared another girl group before TWICE.  However, the project was eventually canceled due to various reasons.

About 5 years ago, JYP prepared a project that was to continuously launch different idol groups according to the number 7.6.5, corresponding to the idol groups GOT7, 5LIVE and 6MIX.  But up to now, the name 6MIX has been almost forgotten.  Out of the groups that the company introduced, GOT7 debuted first.  Then came 5LIVE which is also the current DAY6 with the additional member Dowoon.  But when the only girl group was about to debut, the project began to face difficulties.

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Even at that time, 6MIX was preparing to complete both the pre-debut showcase and the first album.  The members Lena, Cecilia, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Minyoung, Jisoo (present Jihyo) were all announced and became familiar to the public.  Some members even appear on advertising projects.  However, the Sewol incident that took place in 2014 forced the girls to delay their official debut despite careful preparation.  Also as couldn’t wait any longer, member Cecilia decided to leave the company.  Currently, she is active in China with the stage name Song Yanfei. 

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In place of Cecilia, JYP decided to add Sana in order to launch 6MIX in time in the second half of 2014. This version of 6MIX has almost finished all the preparations and was on track to debut.  However, fans were once again surprised when the group leader and center Lena suddenly decided to leave the company. Once again, the 6MIX project was forced to return to the starting line.

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All SIXTEEN contestants

In the end, JYP Entertainment decided to disband the group and give the remaining members a chance to debut by competing on the TV show “Sixteen”.  Here, some Japanese trainees were also added.  Even because of the lack of contestants, JYP decided to add a lineup of young trainees to join.  As a result, three members from the original lineup of 6MIX, Jeongyeon, Nayeon, and Jihyo debuted and became part of TWICE – one of the top Kpop girl groups today.

Source: Billboard Vn

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