Lee Seung-gi’s Wife Lee Da-in Celebrated Completing “My Dearest” Fiming While Pregnant

Actress Lee Da-in finished the filming of MBC’s “My Dearest” with a pregnant body

After the final episode of “My Dearest” aired on the afternoon of November 18th, Lee Da-in wrote on her Instagram, “Our long and long “lover”My Dearest,” I was happy for the past year living as Eun-ae. Thank you.” In the drama, Lee Da-in plays Eun-ae, the fiancé of Yeon-jun (Lee Hak-ju) and a friend of Gil-chae (Ahn Eun-jin).

The photos she posted was taken on the set of “My Dearest”. In one photo, Lee Da-in is smiling brightly and putting her arms around the shoulders of Lee Hak-joo. In another photo, she is making with Ahn Eun-jin, who is her best friend in the drama.

Lee Da-in, who married singer-actor Lee Seung-gi in April, recently revealed about her pregnancy after seven months of marriage. Even though she was in the early stages of pregnancy and needed to be careful, she still tried to complete the filming of “My Dearest” as best as she could.

A broadcasting official told OSEN, “Even when Lee Da-in was already in her early pregnancy, she took extra care and tried to film carefully.” Lee Da-in kept her promise and celebrated the end of the show with a child on the way.

Source: Nate

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