MC Kang Daniel’s sweet actions towards “Street Woman Fighter” dancers that melted the hearts of fans

‘Street Woman Fighter’ MC Kang Daniel showed his friendliness to the dancers and made the viewers heart-fluttering.

In the “Street Woman Fighter” broadcast aired on October 5th, there was a dance battle between LACHICA and WANT.

During the show, MC Kang Daniel caught the attention by secretly taking care of the dancers who were exhausted after the battle from their behind.

After the battle, noticing the members of LACHICA and WANT were sweating a lot, Kang Daniel used his MC cue card to fan them from behind their backs, showing his sweet and caring side.

street woman fighter

This was not the only scene in which Kang Daniel took good care of the dancers.

He also gave a water bottle to LACHICA Gabi when she sat down on the floor after her battle with WANT Emma.

When all the battles ended and WANT was decided as the eliminated crew, the judges said, “If I were you, I would have run away”, to comfort the last member WANT in the battle, Lee Chae Yeon.

Kang Daniel said he agreed with the judge and applauded Lee Chaeyeon for her courageous decision.

street woman fighter

In addition, not only did he gave enthusiastic cheers to all the dancers of LACHICA and WANT throughout their battle, but he also shook hands with them one by one when the battle was over. Therefore, his sweet actions fluttered the hearts of all fangirls.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel is currently the MC of “Street Woman Fighter”, who is in charge of connecting the production team, the judges, the dancers, and the viewers.

As he had been a participant in a survival program before, he said he could understand the feelings of the dancers and also showed his respect to them several times.

street woman fighter

Source: Insight

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