BoA and Ma Dong-seok? Unexpectedly, this is where the stars met and become close friends

Here are some unexpected connections in the Korean entertainment industry.  

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The bigger these celebrities, the more they attract many people’s attention even with minor connections. As a result, stars known as “best friends” in the entertainment industry show their extraordinary friendship by appearing on TV together.

However, there are also unexpected connections in the entertainment industry that seems to have no relation with each other at first glance. Therefore, today, we will dig into such special relationships, so sit tight!

Boa-Ma Dong-seok

“Asia’s Star” singer BoA made headlines for her unexpected connections. Her special acquaintance here is actor Ma Dong-seok, who is in his heyday after his recent appearance in “Eternals.”

In fact, the combination of these two people feels somewhat special right from their visuals. They look like they had nothing in common, but they have reportedly met at the “Shy” event, a famous private gathering in the entertainment industry.

Shy” is literally named because of the nature of its celeb members who are shy when meeting other people, and is a private gathering in the entertainment industry, which includes a large number of unexpected characters such as Son Hyun-joo, Yoo Hae-jin, Song Joong-ki, and Kim Joo-ha aside from BoA and Ma Dong-seok.

Regarding the gathering, BoA appeared in an entertainment show in the past and said, “It’s a gathering for people who matched well with each other to have a drink comfortably,” adding, “There’s a tied-up membership fee, and I’m in charge of the general affairs.”

Jo Bo-ah-Ji Sang-ryeol

Actor Jo Bo-ah and comedian Ji Sang-ryul also showed off their unique connections. The relationship between the two began when they appeared together on SBS’s “Law of the Jungle” in Sumatra.

In the broadcast at the time, Jo Bo-ah expressed her friendliness, saying she was a fan of Ji Sang-ryul. Ji Sang-ryul was surprised to hear such an unexpected fan sentiment from a popular actress, which is why he took care of her throughout the show.

In addition, as they have been close since that broadcast, both have appeared on JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers” together. In that broadcast, Ji Sang-ryul said, “Jo Bo-ah is the bib of my life,” and explained, “If I spill anything, she will take care of it and take me to the jungle if the broadcast is cut off.”

In addition, Ji Sang-ryul boasted his friendship with her on Channel A’s “Fishermen and the City 2.” In fact, at the time, he asked Jo Bo-ah for a surprise video call, and Jo Bo-ah immediately made a video call to Ji Sang-ryul, drawing surprise.

Gong Yoo-IU

Actor Gong Yoo has appeared as a guest on IU‘s YouTube content “IU’s Palette” in the past. At that time, the two received a lot of attention after showing off their unexpected connections.

Accordingly, they explained that they first met on the Armed Forces Broadcasting Radio in 2009 and became friends since then. In response, IU laughed in the video, saying, “Gong Yoo said to me he predicted that I, who has just begun making my name known at the time, will establish myself as a composer and singer-songwriter in 10 years.”

Referring to IU‘s appearance on tvN’s “My Mister” and “Hotel Del Luna,” Gong Yoo praised IU‘s outstanding acting skills, saying, “I didn’t know she would start an acting career at the time.” In addition, he raised their fans’ expectations by saying, “I want to work together with her in a good acting work in the future.”

Kim Hye-soo-Uhm Jung-hwa-Chun Woo-hee

Actress Chun Woo-hee, who is drawing attention for her outstanding acting skills, said she often met senior actress Kim Hye-soo and Um Jung-hwa when she appeared in JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” and that they had a small gathering group of actors.

In the broadcast, Chun Woo-hee then expressed her extraordinary respect for her seniors and expressed her hope that her relationship with the two would last for a long time.

In addition, Kim Hye-soo and Um Jung-hwa are known to have sent coffee trucks several times to the filming location of works starring Chun Woo-hee in the past. Chun Woo-hee also warmly replied by posting certification photos with an affectionate caption saying “My seniors are the Best ♥” through her SNS.

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