K-netizens Amazed To Find BTS Jungkook’s Photocard Being Sold At 8.2 Million Won

BTS Jungkook once again surprised netizens with the prices of his photocards

A netizen on Nate Pann drew attention by posting an article titled “This photocard of Jungkook was sold at 8.2 million won”. 

The netizen added a screenshot of a page on a photocard market. The picture shows Jungkook’s FLO photocard being sold for 8.2 million won in September.

Original post: Nate Pann

In response, other netizens commented:

– You may think that’s crazy, then aren’t plastic models and figures also plastic toys? The buyer is not the problem. Once you give it a meaning, it becomes something special

– How amazing. I think the person who bought it is really empty-headed

– It’s hard for me to understand it although I’m also a fan and a small citizen. I’ve just realized that Jungkook’s photocard could really give someone that much satisfaction and happiness… 

– I’m already surprised to see a photocard worth 100,000 won, but this one is 8.2 million won…?

– The most expensive photocard of Jungkook used to be 4 million won. He broke the record again

– I wonder what the people who buy a piece of paper with 8.2 million won do

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