Photo cards featuring unpopular idols being used as food holders arouses controversy on Korean forums

Recently, the topic about the way of using photo cards featuring unpopular idols suddenly attracted attention on Korean forums. 

On February 26th, the Instagram page “Idol Issue” posted a new term when talking about photo cards of less popular idols in a group, which is “hotteok holders”. Hotteok is a traditional snack in Korea. Since this snack is usually served while it is still hot, the seller will wrap it in disposable paper and give it to the customer. In the post, this account cited an image of a fan using photo cards featuring unpopular idols as hotteok holders because these photo cards are difficult to sell or exchange to others.

Photo cards of less famous members of a group are used as paper to hold hotteok cakes.

In addition, “Idol Issue” also shared the story of an audience member who gave a photo card to another fan. After receiving the photo card, the fan shared on social media with the sarcastic caption, “Oh, look, I was given a hotteok holder for winter this year.”

Currently, the post of “Idol Issue” is receiving mixed opinions from the public. Many comments pointed out that “hotteok holder” is a word that is only used to refer to photo cards of artists who have been involved in scandals or idols that negatively affect the group’s image and are hated by fans. Accordingly, a part of the audience believes that the term “hotteok holder” should not be used when talking about members with few or no fans, as it may hurt these artists.

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