2022 Spotify Wrapped: K-pop achieved 16.5 billion streams, BTS and BLACKPINK ranked No.1 and No.2

BTS and BLACKPINK were announced as the two most streamed K-pop artists on the world’s largest streaming platform Spotify in 2022.

According to Spotify’s yearly Wrapped on December 1st, the total number of streams by the TOP 10 most streamed K-pop artists, including BTS and BLACKPINK, exceeded 16.5 billion. Since this is an increase of about 56% and 20% compared to the figures in 2020 and 2021, respectively, it proved the steady growth of K-pop in the global market.

2022 spotify wrapped

In particular, BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE and Stray Kids continued to secure their positions from No.1 to No.4 on the chart this year, following 2021. ITZY and Red Velvet also maintained their 8th and 10th place. SEVENTEEN jumped two spots to 5th place, while TXT ranked 6th. Enhypen and (G)I-DLE were the new names in TOP 10.

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Among the Top 10 most streamed K-pop songs on Spotify this year, BTS appeared 6 times while BLACKPINK contributed 3 songs. The only spot that was not occupied by BTS and BLACKPINK belonged to IVE’s “LOVE DIVE”. In addition, “With You” sung by BTS Jimin and former Wanna One member Ha Sung Woon for the drama “Our Blues” was the only OST in the Top 10. 


Spotify also revealed Top 10 most streamed K-pop female/male groups of this year. ITZY, (G)I-DLE, aespa, IVE, LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans and Stay C were the 7 groups that debuted after 2018 on the list, proving the great potential of K-pop’s 4th generation. In particular, BLACKPINK, TWICE and ITZY remained in Top 3 for the second consecutive year, following 2021. In the case of boy groups, BTS and Stray Kids continued to dominate No.1 and No.2, and TREASURE rose to No.10 this year.

2022 spotify wrapped

Spotify also made Top 10 for solo artists. BTS members J-Hope, Suga (Agust D) and V swept No.1 to No.3. Psy, Jay Park, and DPR IAN were also named in the ranking of male soloists. As for female solo signers, BLACKPINK Lisa was announced in 1st place, followed by No.2 IU and No.3 Taeyeon. Jessi, who released the hit “ZOOM” in April, also ranked 4th. TWICE Nayeon, BIBI, Lee Hi, Jeon Somi, Chung Ha and Rosé also entered Top 10.

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In addition, Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd and BTS are among the most streamed global artists on Spotify this year. Harry Styles’s “As It Was” was announced as the track with the most streams in 2022. 

Source: Daum

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