10 Kpop groups that Knet misses and regrets the most right now

Which Kpop groups do you miss the most and want to see them again?

Kpop has always been a place where “land is full of people”, and many new groups are born every year. However, that doesn’t mean we forget about the previous groups – the groups that disbanded or didn’t have the same lineup as when they first debuted. Even though the songs, videos and photos at that time are just memories, it still makes many people emotional and regretful even now.

Recently on the Korean online forum, a topic has attracted the attention of Knet with the question: ‘Are there any K-pop groups that you miss them very much?’ Many Knets have left comments that, when read through, we will certainly find very sympathetic and nostalgic. Let’s read the lines they share.


  • 2NE1‘s emotional songs, I really miss them.’
  • ‘2NE1. In my life, these are the first and last singers I like. I wish they would do another concert.’


  • TVXQ 5 members… But that’s just my personal wish. I apologize for wishing to see them reunited.’
  • ‘I miss TVXQ so much.’
  • Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu…’
  • ‘Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu… I wish they could do something together ㅜㅜㅠ I really miss them.’


  • There must be a lot of people here who want to say BIGBANG but are afraid of being criticized.’
  • ‘I’ll probably get criticized, but I miss BIGBANG’s music.’
  • ‘Honestly it’s BIGBANG.’


  • ‘INFINITE. Hope they can come back together.’
  • ‘I’m INFINITE.. The songs in their album are all good, still feel immortal even now.’


  • ‘For me it’s f(x).’
  • ‘I miss f(x). Hot Hot Hot Summer~’
  • ‘As soon as I saw the title, I thought of f(x).’


  • EXO 2013.’
  • ‘I still love looking at the old EXO, when they had 12 members.’
  • ‘When EXO was 12 members… It’s not that I miss all the members, it’s just that I miss the atmosphere at that time.’


  • B1A4. It might be selfish, but I want to see all 5 members again at least once.’
  • ‘I know that there is no hope.. You may think that I am a selfish fan, but I hope that B1A4 will reunite again and come back in 2025. Then they will sing ’10 together. Years After’.’


  • ‘Maybe not many people remember but I miss Boyfriend very much.’
  • ‘That’s Boyfriend and INFINITE.’


  • GFriend disbanded so suddenly, I miss them even more ‘
  • ‘I still can’t believe that GFriend has disbanded.’


  • Even though I’m not too old, I really miss Wanna One.’
  • ‘Wanna One… What if we could still be together until now?
  • ‘I miss Wanna One. I wonder how high they would have gone if they hadn’t disbanded. I want to see them together and I really miss them.’
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