The wealthy life of the granddaughter of Daelim Group’s chairman who is close to many famous Kpop idols

The granddaughter of Daelim Group’s chairman is friends with many K-pop artists. She is especially close with SM and YG artists.

The fancy lives of rich kids who are born into conglomerate families always gain the interest of netizens, especially in Korea. One of them is Lee Joo Young, the granddaughter of Daelim Group’s chairman, who is known for her regal lifestyle and relationship with K-pop idols. She is especially close to SM and YG artists.

Lee Joo Young daelim
The rich life of the granddaughter of Korea’s chaebol Daelim Group

Established in 1939, Daelim Group is one of Korea’s leading corporations, operating in many fields, such as: industry, chemistry, resort, automobile manufacturing, culture, education, and construction. With such a powerful family background, Lee Joo Young – the granddaughter of Daelim Group’s chairman – was clearly born at the finish line.

By 1970, the conglomerate of Lee Joo Young’s family participated in many projects in the Middle East.  Recently, her family has started to target the Southeast Asian market, in which special attention is paid to developing countries. Up to now, Daelim has a total of 17 subsidiaries under its management.

Lee Joo Young daelim
Lee Joo Young often uses items from high-end brands when she hangs out

Lee Joo Young has also proved her talent instead of asking for help from the solid “foundation” that is her rich family.

Daelim Group’s granddaughter studied two majors at the same time, Marketing and International Business. Joo Young also shared on her SNS that she works part-time to earn extra income for personal uses. Joo Young teaches Korean for beginners and works as a teaching assistant for professors at the university.

Lee Joo Young daelim
She often travels with her friends.

In addition, she also established two YouTube channels. In particular, the channel “julesjylee” is where Lee Joo Young posts her diary vlogs, and the “Jules X Ranee” channel is where she shares about fashion, beauty, and her own way of life. The channels are attracting the attention of the online community, especially the vlogs where Joo Young share about her meeting with the top stars of K-pop such as Wanna One, BLACKPINK, SNSD, BIGBANG, Former YG President Yang Hyun Suk…

Lee Joo Young daelim
Joo Young took close friends with BLACKPINK and BIGBANG.
Lee Joo Young daelim
President Daelim’s granddaughter was even photographed with Daesung (left) and T.O.P (right).
She was also honored to take a photo with YG president Yang Hyun Suk. 

It can be seen that Joo Young has an impressive body and beauty. In photos and videos with idols, she does not appear to be inferior in beauty to anyone, even the top famous visuals like BLACKPINK or SNSD.

Lee Joo Young daelim
Joo Young with Wanna One.
Lee Joo Young daelim
Joo Young was also photographed with two members of SNSD.
Lee Joo Young daelim
Lee Joo Young’s closeness with K-pop idols makes people jealous. (Photo: Twitter)

Born the son of a tycoon, Lee Joo Young has had close relationships not only in the K-pop world but also met with world-class stars like Miranda Kerr,… Besides, when she was a trainee for Vogue, she was also quite close with female model Irene Kim. The two show their close friendship when they often meet each other at big fashion shows. Worth mentioning, when present at the fashion event, she also favors sitting in the VIP row.

Lee Joo Young daelim
Lee Joo Young and Miranda Kerr.
Lee Joo Young daelim
Lee Joo Young is quite close with Irene Kim. 

The President of Daelim Group’s granddaughter often posts makeup videos on social networks. Not surprisingly, in all these clips, Joo Young only uses products from high-end brands in the world such as Dior, Lancôme, Giorgio Armani, etc.

Lee Joo Young daelim
Joo Young introduces her makeup kits in a video.
Lee Joo Young daelim
Luxurious pictures are posted by her on her SNS.

Lee Joo Young’s life has always been envied by fans by “priceless” meetings with K-pop idols. It can be seen that despite being born over the finish line, Joo Young always tries to assert her own ability.

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