Nana reveals tattoo between chest “A flower within a flower”

Singer and actress Nana revealed her tattoo

On April 6th, Nana posted daily life photos on her SNS.

In the released photos, Nana wore a sleeveless shirt and struck various poses. Especially, she drew attention by revealing her charming tattoo of flowers and leaves between her chest.

With a cardigan on, Nana wore a crop-style sleeveless top and showed off her toned abs, drawing envy.

Netizens reacted with comments like “Wow, she’s really cool“, “You’re so beautiful, it’s dizzying“, “I want to get a tattoo like Nana’s“, “There’s a flower within a flower“…

Meanwhile, Nana appeared in the highly discussed Netflix series “Mask Girl”, which was released last year. She played the role of Kim Mo-mi, who underwent extensive plastic surgery.

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