Member of National Girl Group Sparks Controversy with “Idols Today Aren’t Very Diligent” Comment

Comments made by Girls' Generation's Tiffany about the new generation of K-pop idols have stirred debate on various forums

In recent years, K-pop has expanded its influence with numerous names making a mark in the international market. However, alongside success, the ease of gaining fame has led to an increase in “skill gaps” within the industry. At Coachella 2024, HYBE’s girl group LE SSERAFIM faced criticism from Koreans for their disastrous live singing. LE SSERAFIM is not alone; many new-generation idols have been exposed for their poor singing skills, becoming a significant issue in K-pop.

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Recently, Tiffany appeared on a reality show where she made noteworthy remarks about the new generation of idols. She commented that idols today are not very diligent. “I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but the indifferent attitude of some new-generation idols surprises me. It’s been a while since I last attended a music show, and that was for SNSD’s 15th-anniversary project. Back then, we were all eager for recognition and worked hard to perform.”

Now, with the popularity of individual fancams and ‘one-shot’ recordings, many idols no longer put their full energy into stage performances. Seeing such cases made me think, ‘Why are idols so lazy these days?’ One should always be passionate about their work, even during soundchecks.”

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Tiffany’s comments immediately sparked a wave of debate. Many agreed with her, lamenting the state of some groups that lack skills and face constant criticism without improvement. Fans proudly asserted that, as a member of the national girl group, Tiffany is fully qualified to comment on the new generation of idols.

However, some felt Tiffany’s remarks were overly generalizing. While it’s undeniable that many idols lack enthusiasm, a large number still work tirelessly and dedicate themselves to success. The lazy and unprofessional individuals are in the minority and face harsh scrutiny from the public.

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Every generation of idols has its standouts and slackers. Tiffany’s comment that new-generation idols aren’t very diligent seemed to generalize them all, undermining the efforts of hardworking idols. Despite Tiffany’s insistence on being passionate about work, even during soundchecks, netizens pointed out numerous instances where Girls’ Generation members themselves weren’t always serious.

Many felt Tiffany was being overly preachy and playing the “superior” role. In this case, a simple piece of advice from a senior artist would have sufficed without harshly commenting and generalizing an entire diverse generation of idols.

Source: K14

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