aespa’s “Supernova” comeback stage tops YouTube’s trending videos “No one can step on this group”

The performance of "Supernova", the double title song from girl group aespa's first full-length album "Armageddon", took the top spot on YouTube's trending videos

aespa appeared on the 843rd episode of Mnet’s “M Countdown” on May 16th, where they performed the comeback stage for the new song “Supernova”.

“Supernova” is a dance track with an impressive minimal track sound based on weighty kicks and bass, featuring a catchy topline and synth melodies. The lyrics, comparing the opening of a door to another dimension to a supernova, hint at the expanded “aespa” worldview.


The music video, released ahead of the comeback stage, also generated significant buzz. In the video, aespa members portray proactive characters who, despite appearing to focus on seemingly unnecessary things, reveal their true selves.

The comeback stage was quintessentially “aespa”. The members took the stage in metallic outfits and bling-bling hairstyles in keeping with the cyberpunk concept. Their synchronized dance moves, experienced facial expressions and enhanced visuals captivated viewers.


Netizens were noticeably impressed. The performance was praised for its unique “aespa” flavor, standing out amidst the current Y2K trend in the idol scene.

Comments from netizens included “aespa’s cyberpunk concept is the best“, “Chairman Bang Si-hyuk made aespa stand out even more“, “The lyrics capture all the characteristics of a supernova” and “The concept could have failed if done poorly, but the agency’s expertise and the members’ skills saved it.”

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Others expressed, “It’s impressive how a girl group, not a boy group, can pull off this concept so well“, “Amidst the Y2K trend, they confidently topped the trending videos with their unique style“, “No one can step on this group” and “They look like futuristic aliens.”

As of 5 PM on May 17th, the comeback stage video for “Supernova” surpassed 1.8 million views within 20 hours of its release, becoming a major talking point.

Source: wikitree

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