NewJeans’s Minji Reassures Fans Amid HYBE & ADOR Dispute, “We’re Bunnies With Guts And Guns”

NewJeans’s Minji expressed her feelings amid the complicated situation of the intensifying conflict within the company

On May 18th, Minji spent time communicating with fans through the fan platform Phoning.

While talking with fans, Minji suddenly said, “NewJeans are much stronger than what Bunnies (NewJeans’s fandom) think and worry about”, trying to reassure fans because of the recent issue within HYBE.

She continued, “Didn’t I tell you guys that we are bunnies with guts and guns?”, adding “You know I’m just joking about guns, right? I mean ‘gunshot of love’”, expressing her affection for fans.

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Right ahead of their comeback in Korea, Minji’s group NewJeans is facing a legal dispute due to the conflict between HYBE and CEO Min Hee-jin over the management rights of the label ADOR.

On May 17th, the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Agreement Division 50 held an interrogation for the provisional injunction filed by Min Hee-jin to ban HYBE’s exercise of voting rights. HYBE also claimed that CEO Min tried to attract HYBE’s global investors and outside directors, shareholders, and partners to her side.

Meanwhile, NewJeans will release their Japan debut single “Supernatural” on June 21st following their comeback in Korea.

Source: naver

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