The reason why a couple known by the entire nation isn’t getting married after 9 years of dating

After her divorce, she became close with actors she had known for some time, including Lee Jung-jae, Jung Woo-sung, Uhm Jung-hwa and Lee Hye-young

During this period, Lee Jung-jae also signed a contract for an advertisement with Daesang Group’s Chungjungone. A year after her divorce, rumors of a romantic relationship between Im Se-ryung and Lee Jung-jae began to circulate.

There were several instances where they were photographed and seen traveling abroad together. Lee Jung-jae’s side acknowledged accompanying Im Se-ryung to Manila, Philippines, but stated “They are simply acquaintances and the trip was strictly for business“, firmly denying the dating rumors.

kim se ryung lee jung jae

However, in 2015, after paparazzi photos of their date were published, they finally admitted to their relationship after previously denying it three times. The couple, after acknowledging their relationship, enjoyed art-related dates and spent time together at each other’s residences, maintaining a happy life.

In fact, the distance between their homes was only about a 5~6 minute drive. They confidently enjoyed dates without worrying about public scrutiny, attending events such as the “7th Art Basel Hong Kong” in March 2019 and the “2019 LACMA” in November 2019 together.

kim se ryung lee jung jae

The couple also appeared on the red carpet together at the Cannes Film Festival when Lee Jung-jae made his directorial debut with the film “Hunt”, as well as at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, where Lee Jung-jae was involved due to Netflix’s series “Squid Game”.

Regarding marriage, Lee Jung-jae said, “Because I’m a celebrity, I can endure the public’s interest in my private life. However, Im Se-ryung is an ordinary person. Since she’s a mother of two children, I want to prevent her and her family from being hurt or their privacy being violated. Moreover, I believe it’s still too early for marriage. I’m not considering marriage at this time.”

lee jung jae

Unlike their cautious past, the couple now proudly appears together at events such as the 75th Cannes Film Festival, Emmy Awards and Gucci event, showing a steadfast relationship for 9 years.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-jae’s Netflix series “Squid Game 2” and Disney+ series “The Acolyte” are about to be released.

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