Lee Byung Hun’s Dream: Bearing Full Cost of Workshop for 70 Members in BH Entertainment

Lee Byung Hun has revealed the behind-the-scenes story of his company’s workshop.

Lee Byung Hun’s company, BH Entertainment, gained attention as they took 70 actors and staff members to Vietnam for a workshop. It’s been reported that Lee Byung Hun covered the entire cost of the workshop.

Lee Byung hun

In a recent interview with Herald POP, Lee Byung Hun disclosed that the workshop had been a dream of his agency’s CEO for the past 10 years.

Lee Byung Hun said, “CEO Son Seok Woo had been talking about the workshop for over 10 years. I had also dreamt about it with excitement.

He continued, “About half a year ago, I heard they wanted to give it a try this year, so I agreed. We hold an annual year-end party. All the actors and staff members participate.”

lee byung hun

He went on, “Since I’m the oldest hyung (big brother), I wanted to give the final speech. CEO Son Seok Woo introduced me, saying, ‘Our big hyung has something to say,’ and suddenly the BH Overseas Workshop announcement appeared grandly on the screen.”

Additionally, Lee Byung Hun mentioned, “They told me to make a big toast, so I said I’ll make a big one due to the atmosphere. So, doesn’t that mean we have to keep the promise of covering the full cost?

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun’s comeback film, ‘Concrete Utopia,’ depicts a disaster drama set in Seoul, which has turned into ruins due to a massive earthquake. The story begins with survivors gathering at the last remaining Huanggung Apartments. The movie is currently being screened nationwide.

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