Besides BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, another famous female idol will return in a drama in December

After 11 months with the comebacks of many top actors, the Korean small screen in the last month of 2021 will see the acting performances of 2 pretty female idols, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Red Velvet’s Joy. On November 26, while Jisoo’s Snowdrop released a new trailer teasing the drama’s storyline, Joy’s The One And Only also revealed new still cuts of the female idol.

Jisoo looks sweet and dreamy…

Another coincidence is that Joy and Jisoo’s upcoming dramas are both aired on jTBC, a cable station that has gone through 11 months of crisis with low ratings of many dramas, hovering around 1-3%. Although not broadcast in the same time slot, both Snowdrop and The One And Only are highly anticipated jTBC’s year-end dramas. Which of these two female idols will help jTBC improve their ratings? 


While Jisoo is a rookie in acting with Snowdrop marking her first female lead role, Joy has played the female lead a few times before but sparked controversy over her acting skills. 

Some comments from the viewers:

  • I hope Joy’s acting improves this time
  • I look forward to Jisoo, Joy’s acting is questionable 
  • Joy looks pretty and energetic, Jisoo has dreamy vibes. Both suit their dramas.  
  • Joy is beautiful but her acting is controversial. I can’t judge Jisoo’s performance yet
  • I look forward to Jisoo’s drama to see how her acting is. As for Joy, I think her acting in previous dramas is not good. It feels awkward. Idols who are not good at acting yet should only take on supporting roles to gradually improve. If you accept a female lead role and show a poor acting performance, it will drag a good drama down and affect other cast members. 

Joy’s upcoming drama, The One And Only centers on three terminally ill women who meet at a hospice and accidentally become involved in a murder case. They embark on a magical journey to face mysterious forces before they have to die.

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