Lee Young-don’s heartwarming letter to Hwang Jung-eum on White Day: “It seems like it’s only been a few days since we reunited…”

Actress Hwang Jung-eum (37), who is pregnant with her second child, was moved by the gift of her husband Lee Young-don (39).

On March 14th, Hwang Jung-eum posted some proof shots of White Day gifts through her personal SNS. At the same time, she drew attention by taking out her wedding photos with Lee Young-don, saying, “Happy White Day.”

Hwang Jung-eum-Lee Young-don

The photos contained chocolate, cake and handwritten letter. In the letter, which began with “3/14 White Day. Wow, time passed by so quickly”, Lee Young-don wrote, “It seems like it’s only been a few days since we reunited and went to Hawaii, but our second child will be born soon.”

Lee Young-don told Hwang Jung-eum, who is about to give birth, “You worked hard for 10 months. You gave birth to Soonpoong well and had good postnatal care, so this year, let’s travel around the world, see good things, eat a lot of delicious food and do everything. It must be hard, but let’s cheer up until the end! I love you so much.”

Hwang Jung-eum-Lee Young-don

Hwang Jung-eum is currently pregnant with a boy. She married Lee Young-don, a businessman and former professional golfer, in 2016. They welcomed their first son the following year.

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