K-drama Actor Plagued by Ex’s False Accusations, Blackmailed 1 Billion Won, Resulting in Severe Anxiety Disorder

When their relationship ended, this actor’s ex-girlfriend turned around and accused him of harassment, demanding compensation of 1 billion won

Actor Han Ji Sang’s reputation has recently been tarnished by allegations of sexual harassment. On February 22nd, the actor’s legal representative denied the accusations, and Han Ji Sang himself addressed the incident.

Accordingly, Han Ji Sang and A had a romantic relationship since May 2018 and broke up at the end of 2018. In September 2019, A sent messages accusing Han Ji Sang of sexual harassment and coercion just minutes before he went on stage to perform the play “Ben-Hur.” 

Han Ji Sang

Han Ji Sang recalled, “It was terrifying when she said that. I thought I needed to help her calm down and discuss everything rationally.” 

After accusing Han Ji Sang of coercion, A demanded that he publicly disclose their relationship or compensate her with 500 million to 1 billion won.

Han Ji Sang then repeatedly apologized to A, not because he had done anything wrong, but just to appease her. When they met to talk, A admitted that Han Ji Sang had not harassed or coerced her: “He didn’t harass me, it was not one-sided. I also enjoyed those moments. Legally, he’s not wrong. He didn’t force or coerce me. He didn’t do anything wrong.” The actor recorded the conversation as evidence.

Despite admitting that Han Ji Sang did nothing wrong, A continued to threaten to expose the actor in the media. She wrote an anonymous post online accusing Han Ji Sang of coercion, but quickly deleted it without explanation. 

Nteizens quickly criticized Han Ji Sang, causing him to withdraw from the musical “The Devil: Faust” and suffer from extreme anxiety, sleep disorders, and panic disorders.

Han Ji Sang

Unable to tolerate A any longer, Han Ji Sang decided to sue his ex-girlfriend for extortion and defamation in March 2020. Han Ji Sang said this was his last resort to save his reputation and career: “I didn’t really want to sue. From the moment I did, I knew my privacy would be exposed. But I’m suing because I want to live. I want to escape this situation. I want to escape from the life she destroyed. I did not sexually harass anyone.”

Despite having destroyed Han Ji Sang’s reputation and career, A still texted to encourage him to recover from anxiety disorder and return to the stage. He considered this gesture meaningless because the public didn’t know the truth. He is determined to pursue the lawsuit to restore his honor and career.

Source: K14

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