BLACKPINK celebrates 7th debut anniversary with various events 

From videos, photo booths and sticker distribution, to BLACKPINK Quiz on Weverse, BLACKPINK’s 7th debut anniversary is highly celebrated.

On August 8th, the prominent Kpop girl group BLACKPINK celebrates 7th debut anniversary with various events 

According to BLACKPINK’s agency YG, on the 8th, 76 screens at the Secaucus Junction station in New Jersey, USA, are adorned with BLACKPINK’s imagery, and various locations are colored in the team’s signature pink. In addition, videos that look back on BLACKPINK’s journey over the past 7 years will be shown in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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In addition, a photo booth to commemorate BLACKPINK’s 7th anniversary will be set up at the New York Verdy popup from August 9th to the 11th.

At the same time, Starbucks in 9 Asian countries, including Korea, will provide commemorative stickers for those who purchase BLACKPINK drinks and food on this day.

On the global fan platform Weverse, the “BLACKPINK Quiz”, which includes questions related to BLACKPINK, is being distributed and gaining positive response.

Meanwhile, regarding their 7th debut anniversary, BLACKPINK expressed their gratitude, stating, “We are always thankful for the unwavering support from fans, and are looking forward to the days ahead with BLINKs (fans of BLACKPINK). We have also prepared exciting content, so please look forward to it.”

On the other hand, BLACKPINK, which debuted on August 8th in 2016, has solidified their position not only as a leading Kpop group but also as one of the top global girl groups.

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Currently, BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment are in discussions for contract renewal, and the results of these discussions are expected to be revealed in September. 

Regardless of the outcome of the contract renewal situation, the industry presumes that the BLACKPINK brand will be carried forward by the members and YG. At the same time, BLACKPINK is set to continue their world tour BORN PINK with various concerts in the US starting from New Jersey on August 11th.

Source: Naver

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