18 years old vs now. BTS Jungkook, the only Asian ‘World Star’ among 43 celebrities around the world

BTS Jungkook was the only Asian among the 43 celebrities in the world, proving the influence of a world star.

American entertainment media (fandomwire) recently attracted attention by introducing 43 celebrities around the world with the title of ’43 Celebs. 18 Years Old and Now’, and posting pictures comparing their 18-year-old and present.

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The article includes Jungkook, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Lady GaGa, Tom Holland, Beyonce, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and other worldwide superstars.

The fact that he was the only Asian to be named side by side with 42 prominent superstars prove that Jungkook has a strong global influence and presence.

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The difference between 18-year-old and recent photos added to the fun and interest to see.

In the introduced photo, 18-year-old Jungkook looked at the fans with a bright and pure smile at the fanmeeting. In contrast, Jungkook’s recent appearance with wavy long hair, deep and seductive eyes, and full of mature masculine beauty is also impressive.

The 18-year-old Jungkook and the current Jungkook still show off their handsome looks.

Fans say, “Even in the past and now, he’s always handsome,” “Golden maknae Jungkook”, “Wow, we have a baby among the most prominent celebrities”, “Jungkook is now a world-class pop star”, “Jung Kook is so cute in comparison photos~ It brings back memories”, “As expected, pop star Jeon Jung Kook”, and “There seems to be no one among those celebrities that Jungkook doesn’t know”

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Meanwhile, Jungkook is also listed on the top Asian rankings along with worldwide pop stars on Favorite Birthdays, an American celebrity popularity analysis site. As of the 18th, Jungkook was ranked 19th in the ‘World’s Most Popular Pop Singers’ category. He is the only Asian in the top 20.

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