Lee Jin Ri, “Park Yoo Chun was taken to the hospital during filming… I respect him”

Actress Lee Jin Ri (33) expressed her feelings about working with the controversial Park Yoo Chun in “On The Edge.”

Lee Jin-ri appeared at an interview with MyDaily at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of Nov 22nd. During the interview, she talked about the role of Hong Dan, Park Yoo Chun‘s partner, in the movie “On The Edge.”

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“On The Edge” is a melodrama movie about Tae Hong (Park Yoo Chun), a man who lost everything in an instant, and Hong Dan, a woman who had nothing to lose from the beginning, facing each other’s lives at the end of the abyss. Following the sex scandal, the movie drew attention as Park Yoo Chun’s return project after his drug scandal. Eventually, the movie was canceled at cinemas due to Park Yoo Chun, after which the movie was sent straight to IPTV service.

In the drama, Lee Jin Ri played the character of Hong Dan, who came to Korea for her sick daughter whose condition got worse. Lee played a motherly character who did everything she could to raise money for her daughter’s treatment.

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On this day, when asked, “Did you feel any pressure about the movie being called Park Yoo Chun’s return work?” Lee said, “There was no pressure. That may not be a positive response, but I thought it would be good to be promoted like that because our movie is just a small independent movie. Above all, I focused on doing well in this work as Hong Dan. I hope everyone can be open-minded and watch the movie,” she replied.

She then said, “I was surrounded by concerns from other people, but I worked with Park Yoo Chun without any prejudice. I only had memories of being thankful and happy with him just like any other seniors,” and added, “He has unpleasant stories behind him, but still, he is an experienced star-class senior who has starred in many dramas. It could have been uncomfortable for him to film with a rookie, but I was grateful for his help. I learned a lot from watching him and I respect him as an acting senior,” he said.

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Lee Jin Ri said she was surprised by Park Yoo Chun’s passion for acting, “There is a scene where Park Yoo Chun was assaulted, but the beating went wrong, which led to him being taken to the hospital in the middle of filming. His arm was heavily swollen, but that evening there was a scene where he had to run while carrying me on his back. Nevertheless, he told me he was okay, that I didn’t have to worry about it because worries will affect the mood of the scene.”

Source: Daum

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