This actor transforms into brand-new person in “The Uncanny Counter” Season 2  – netizens respond positively 

This actor’s transformation further generates more hype from viewers. 

The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch” is generating much hype after the release of new teasers and stills. The second season of “The Uncanny Counter” will introduce a new set of characters, including a powerful antagonist named Pil Kwang. 

Kang Ki Young
Kang Ki Young as Pil Kwang in “The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch” 

Pil Kwang is played by actor Kang Ki Young, who exudes charisma through the released materials. After seeing the new images, netizens are surprised and complimented the actor for such a drastic transformation. The actor’s new image attracts immediate attention, keeping the audience on edge for the series premiere. 

Netizens’ comments: 

  • Kang Ki Young looks so badass; 
  • He and Kim Hieora look so powerful, and more so when he uses his power; 
  • He looks so promising in this role;
  • Can’t believe he is the same actor from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

Kang Ki Young from his previous roles is completely different from his role in the second season of “The Uncanny Counter” 

If this role is placed side by side with his character in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” viewers can hardly recognize that they are played by the same actor. In past projects, Kang Ki Young is usually the comedic relief of a drama.

“The Uncanny Counter: Counter Punch” will air on July 29 on tvN.

Source: k14 

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