Lady Gaga, who stopped performing “for safety”, wept and apologized to fans 

Famous pop star Lady Gaga apologized to fans for halting her performance due to a an approaching storm. 

On September 17th (local time), Lady Gaga had to stop the last performance of her world tour, which was held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. This is because she was worried for the safety of fans and staff amid a thunderstorm and lightnight strikes. 

Immediately after coming off the stage from the show, Lady Gaga shared a video on Instagram in tears. She explained to her fans why she decided to stop performing, and said that it was not safe to continue.

“Thank you so much for coming to the Chromatica Bowl,” Lady Gaga said. “We were going to finish the show tonight in Miami, but even when the rain stopped we couldn’t do it because lightning struck the ground so close to us.” 

As a result, Lady Gaga took responsibility for her performance, putting the safety of the audience, crew, band and dancers first. 

Grabbing a few red roses, Lady Gaga said, “I’m sorry I couldn’t do Rain On Me’s epic performance during the rain,” emphasizing, “but what’s more valuable is life.”

Finally, the pop star explained that it was “a wiser decision for all of you and me” as to why she stopped performing. 

In a second Instagram post, Gaga mentioned the Miami show, which had to be cut short. “I’m sorry I couldn’t finish the show. It was too dangerous. The lightning was unpredictable and changing every minute. I love you”, she said. 

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Lady Gaga’s world tour started in Dusseldorf, Germany in July, and since then, she has performed in the US, Canada and Europe. The world tour is named after Lady Gaga’s sixth full-length album “Chromatica”, released in May 2020, and includes songs from “Chromatica”, where Lady Gaga collaborated with Ariana Grande, Elton John, and BLACKPINK. Although inclement weather conditions prevented Lady Gaga from finishing her last gig, she managed to keep things safe until the end.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga confessed in a documentary released at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada in September 2017 that she has suffered from fibromyalgia that causes chronic pain all over her body for a long time. In February 2018, she had to cancel her European tour due to extreme pain.

Source: huffingtonpost

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