IU’s Comeback: 4 MVs, Unparalleled Status Proven with “This Detail” 

After 3 years of hiatus from the music scene, IU has made a grand return and proves her unparalleled status in Korea. 

Grand return after 3-year hiatus 

On February 20th at 6:00 PM (KST), IU officially released her 6th mini album “The Winning” on all platforms. This marks the nation’s sister’s comeback to the Korean music scene after a 3-year absence. 

As if to prove her unparalleled status in Korea, IU went all out for the 5 songs in her latest album, which are accompanied by an astonishing 4 MVs released.


The MV for title song “Shopper” was released simultaneously with “The Winning”. “Shopper”, which features an Electro-Pop Rock arrangement with powerful sounds, also reveals a continuous transition of guitar sounds highlighting IU’s vocals through stimulating high notes. 

It is also known that IU collaborates with male artist DPR Ian in the “Shopper” MV. Together, they create a space filled with vibrant colors, exuding a magical atmosphere.

Previously, on February 16th, IU released the MV for another song from her album, “Holssi.” With a bright color palette reminiscent of youth, “Holssi” showcases IU’s timeless visuals. 


“Holssi” is also said to embody IU’s carefree and liberated spirit in her thirties. In the song’s description, she expresses, “At the age of 30, I realized that everything in life doesn’t have to be or become flowers, so I decided to live like a dandelion seed, floating gently in the sky.”

With the “Holssi”, IU seemed to have gone all out – as the MV was not only filmed in the States but also features Tweety – the famous yellow bird from Looney Tunes.

As IU is known to have set Tweety as her Instagram avatar since the start of her career, her collaboration with Tweety further proves the reputation of the singer-actress. 

Unparallel status in Korea

In addition to the two title songs “Shopper” and “Holssi, IU’s latest EP “The Winning” also  includes 3 tracks: “Love Wins All,” “Sh..,” and “I stan U.” 

With the exception of “I stan U,” all songs are accompanied by grand MVs, especially noteworthy for their shocking collaborations. In particular, BTS’s V appeared in the “Love Wins All” MV, NewJeans’ Hyein’s vocals was featured in “Sh..,” and DPR Ian appeared as the lead actor and director in the “Shopper” MV, leaving fans astonished at the all-star line-up. 


Furthermore, IU’s upcoming MV for “Sh..”, to be released on February 23rd, will feature Tang Wei as the lead actress. Collaborating with a famous actress like Tang Wei in her music production further proves IU’s unparalleled status and influence in South Korea. 

With IU’s return, the competition in the Korean music charts has become more intense than ever, as her songs are already dominating the MelOn chart. In fact, prior to this, “Love Wins All” helped IU achieve yet another Perfect All-Kill record, further adding to IU’s endless musical successes. 

Source: K14

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