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Korean Parents Reunited With 13-year-old Child Who Passed Away Due To Acute Brain Hemorrhage Via VR Technology 

The MBC's Lunar New Year special of the show "I Met You" season 4 titled "13 and 16" showed another possibility of VR.

In season 4 of MBC’s “I Met You,” which aired on the 11th, the stories of Ahn Yu-jin (45 years old) and Lee Chang-won (45 years old) meeting their 13-year-old son who passed away three years ago due to acute brain hemorrhage were revealed. 

Mom Ahn Yu-jin and dad Lee Chang-won said they suddenly lost their first son Seo-joon and tried to endure for three years. In this broadcast, two experiences were held to help them recall the memories with their son. For smooth interaction between Seo-joon and the two, real-time two-way communication technology was implemented for the first time in the show.

Seo-joon picked me up on a rainy day. When I saw my son bring an umbrella, I thought my son had finally grown up,” Ahn Yu-jin said. Sixteen-year-old Seo-joon appeared holding an umbrella in one hand just like he was when he was alive. When she saw the 16-year-old Seo-joon, the mother, Ahn Yu-jin, shed tears of joy, saying, “He grew up well. He grew taller than mommy.” She said, “I want to touch him. I want to give him a hug,” in front of Seo-joon. Her motherly love made viewers cry.

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Dad Lee Chang-won shed tears as he recalled when Seo-joon rode a bicycle with him at the Han River two days before his death. Lee said he remembered the weather of the day vividly. He had a meeting with Seo-joon in a virtual space set in the “Han River.”

Lee Chang-won cried as he saw that the bicycle was the same bicycle he bought for his son Seo-joon, saying, “I think of Seo-joon every time I ride the bike because I love it when I ride the bike with Seo-joon.” Lee Chang-won said, “Seo-joon, I missed you,” which was emotional to the viewers.

After meeting Seo-joon via VR, mom Ahn Yu-jin and dad Lee Chang-won said, “I was happy to meet Seo-joon as a high school student, which I could only imagine. It felt like 16-year-old Seo-joon came to comfort his family.

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