Korean Fans Upset with Stray Kids’ Upcoming Concert Schedule, Criticize JYP  

K-fans of Stray Kids express disappointment over the group’s concert schedule, citing concerns about timing and prioritizing international fans. 

Stray Kids recently dropped the schedule for their “5-STAR Dome Tour 2023.” However, this announcement has sparked a wave of disappointment and frustration among Korean STAYs (Stray Kids’ fandom). 

In particular, Korean fans question JYP Entertainment’s approach to planning the concerts, from a lack of consideration for important holidays to an excessive focus on international venues.

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One of the primary concerns raised by Korean STAYs is the timing of the concerts and the group’s latest album promotions. Stray Kids had just completed a tour roughly six months ago before returning to Korea to release a full album. However, the promotion of this album was limited to just 9 days on music shows. Fans question the company’s decision to rush into another tour without giving the group ample time to focus on having more activities domestically.

The prominence of international venues in the concert schedule is another issue that has stirred discontent among Korean fans. More than half of the concert venues are located outside Korea. 

The opening concert is slated to be held in Fukuoka, Japan, rather than Seoul, further alienating Korean fans and leaving them feeling neglected.

The scheduling of the opening concert in Japan, just one day after Korean Independence Day, has also raised eyebrows. Korean STAYs point out that if they get tickets for the Fukuoka concert, they would have to book flights to Japan on Korean Independence Day. 

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Additionally, two of the concerts in Korea coincide with the Chuseok holiday, a time when flight tickets are already sold out due to increased demand. This makes it challenging for fans from other regions to travel to Seoul during this period.

The lack of response to fan feedback has further exacerbated the frustrations among Korean STAYs. Furthermore, despite Stray Kids’ fanmeeting at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena has sold out previously, JYP still chose to host Stray Kids’ upcoming concert for two consecutive nights at the same venue.

JYP also doesn’t even bother to listen to fans’ feedback about increasing the quantity of lightsticks. When Stray Kids went on tour, the company released a second version of the lightstick at an expensive price.

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