“After 6 years…” Baek Yerin, who has been quiet for a while, reported a big news today

Singer Baek Yerin will return with her new album “Pisces.”

“Pisces” is Baek Yerin‘s first original Korean album to be released since her EP album “Our love is great” in 2019, and it is also her first song in six years as a digital single. The album consists of a total of three songs: the title song of the same name “Pisces,” “That was me” (literal title) and “The Youngest” (literal title).

baek yerin

In particular, the title track this time is a song composed by producer “Cloud,” who collaborated on “Bye Bye My Blue” and “Cross the Universe” with Baek Ye-rin, giving fans a high expectation for the nostalgia in Baek Yerin’s music at the time.

The title song “Pisces” is a modern rock genre with a wide sense of space and a unique rhythm arrangement that features sounds reminiscent of the sea. The song contains a message for herself who is slightly different from others and for the precious people staying by her side.

baek yerin

Blue Vinyl, Baek Yerin’s agency, said of the title song, “It’s the purest and most unbiased song of her. Regardless of the results, the process of making and singing these songs alone makes this an album that is highly satisfying for the artist herself.”

Since this will be her first original Korean song to be released since her EP album ‘Our love is great’ which was released in 2019, Baek Yerin will surely meet her fans’ expectations, who have been waiting for her Korean songs for a long time,” her agency added.

baek yerin

Baek Yerin’s single album “Pisces” will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on May 24th.

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